5 Steps To Prepare Walls For Home Painting services in Sacramento CA

In this article, you’ll learn about some important ways to prepare your walls for home painting services in Sacramento CA. Learn more here!

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It can be pretty exciting to repaint a room because home painting services in Sacramento CA can entirely change how space appears. However, before you get too hasty in diving into your project, make sure you prep the walls correctly. Without proper prepping, the end paint job will be unprofessional and unclean, and the paint will start to chip at a much quicker rate. Preparing your walls shouldn’t be too challenging, depending on the condition of the room before the paint job, but you need to get it done right.

Repairing Damages Before Home Painting Services In Sacramento CA

Though it may seem usual to overlook flaws in the wall and cover them up with a fresh coat of paint, that will not fix the issue. When you paint over damages, it’s hardly worth your effort because the result will still look like a place that requires some fixing up. Ensure that if the room you are about to paint has any damages, you fix them first to a point where the wall feels smooth when you run your hand over it. 

Depending on the issues, that can entail various repairs, but this will often involve at least some spackling and then sanding down the affected area.


Before you hire industrial painting services in Sacramento CA to paint the walls, they need to be well cleaned. Though they might already seem pretty clean, tiny dust particles build up quickly and usually are not noticeable to the naked eyes. Wipe down the walls entirely until they are as clean as you can get them. Then, do not start painting until they are thoroughly dry, or the paint will not adhere properly to the wall.

Protecting Trim

Another part of the walls that you must prepare for home painting services in Sacramento CA is the little details that will not be painted. All trim bordering the walls must be taped up using painter’s tape to eliminate accidental splotches. That also goes for electrical sockets, light switches, shelving units, and anything else on the walls you do not intend to paint.

Remove Old Paint

To remove flaking or cracked paint, utilize a sandpaper and paint scraper to smooth the surface. You can use an electric sander or staple a piece of sandpaper to a sanding block, which is more appropriate for large areas. 

Use Lining Paper

Using lining paper implies additional tasks, and it often doesn’t do much good. However, in particular situations, such as when walls have lots of large repair areas or fine cracks, covering them with lining paper can help you get a smooth, flawless base for paint. 

Painting is a massive job that requires a lot more time and effort than you may be able to set aside for the work. Because there are a plethora of possibilities to make mistakes, your best bet may be to hire professional industrial painting services in Sacramento. Contact us at A4 Painting Plus, and we will handle most of the prep work for you. We’ll make sure to do a perfect, professional, and quick job.


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