Challenges You Could Face With Your Garage Door

Here are some of the common challenges you could face with your garage door that suggests you need to do a garage door repair Kennesaw immediately. Learn more here!

garage door repair Kennesaw

Garage doors are perhaps the most used parts of the house, making them vulnerable to different mechanical or functional problems. When you face some of these challenges, it is best to do garage door repair Kennesaw. Below mentioned are some common garage door issues you can face.

Garage Door Repair Kennesaw For Malfunctioned Door

That happens mostly when the door has not been used for a long time or has withstood extreme weather temperatures. If left untreated, it can be a danger to both your property and your family. It might also be because the garage door opener does not work anymore because it is either outdated or dead batteries, requiring garage door repair Woodstock GA. The door opener might also have problems in parts like the motor, photo-eye sensor, or warning gears, making it impossible to open the door.

Not Closing All The Way

Sometimes the door opens correctly but does not close down. Whether it may leave a few inches or ample space, that is a security threat to your property and family and should be fixed immediately.

It may be caused due to misaligned or dirty sensors. It may also be due to a clogged track. To fix that, you need to ensure that the sensors are clean and properly aligned and that the track has no dirt or debris clogging it.

Noisy Door

The door may produce loud screeching when closing or opening, which may be a massive inconvenience to you and your neighbors. It mainly occurs when the door has been functioning for a long time without proper maintenance. It may also indicate a problem with the door spring. You may lubricate your rollers, track, garage door repair Kennesaw, or replace the imbalanced springs to fix the problem.

Broken Mechanism

While broken motors and other components can cause getting the gate stuck, more often than not, it can result in annoying positions in which the gate might be jammed in an awkward position. That can be when it’s partially open or all the way stuck. That often requires a severe garage door repair and should be undertaken straight away, especially if it leaves your door vulnerable to outside intrusions.

Door Slamming Down

Sometimes, instead of the door closing smoothly and slowly, it slams down all at once. That can be very dangerous, and you should immediately get garage door repair Woodstock GA, especially if there are kids and pets in the house. It can also be hazardous for you as you may get hurt by closing the door.

It mainly happens when the door springs are malfunctioned or old.

Outdated Door System

Many problems can be faced when the door or the door’s systems are old. Upgrading the door and its system not only ensures security to your family and property, but it also means convenience for you.

Anytime you notice any of the following problems with your door, ensure that you contact a professional garage door company to handle the repairs. Go for a reputable company like Same Day Garage Door Services that delivers high-quality garage door repair services.


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