Common Types Of Door Locks By Professional Locksmith Company in Jacksonville FL

Whether you're locking a front door or cabinet door, you want a professional locksmith company in Jacksonville FL to install the best locking system. Here are the main types of locks.

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You might want to know what door locks you have on your front and back doors, or you’re trying to make sure you have the lock types that will always keep you secured. However, when looking at kinds of locks for your business or house, the number of options is undoubtedly overwhelming. There are a plethora of types of locks and several various security factors to consider before contacting a professional locksmith company in Jacksonville FL. Let’s talk about the different types of locks and the security features that should be considered.

Professional Locksmith Company In Jacksonville FL For Barrel Bolt

A barrel bolt goes inside the door to keep you secured when you’re in your house. This lock has two parts: one that goes on the door frame and the other main locking assembly that goes on the door.

The main assembly has a cylindrical lock to slide into the catch to lock the door from the inside. Some people hire a professional locksmith company in Green Cove Springs FL to install two at the bottom and top of the door for extra safety.

Chain Lock

Chain locks are usually found on the inside of hotel doors. These locks have a hook on the door frame and a main locking assembly on the door. Moreover, there is a chain to lock the door instead of a cylinder piece like the ones you may find in barrel bolts.

The chain lock will allow you to open the door a little bit but still keeps the door closed. You will have access to open the door and see someone, but they won’t be able to come in unless you close the door, release the chain, and open the door all the way.

Knob Locks

Perhaps the most common kinds of locks, knob locks, are utilized by a professional locksmith company in Jacksonville FL on all sorts of doors; bedroom door, front door, rear patio doors, or garage doors. These locks are with knobs on both sides, one side has a keyhole to unlock the door, and the other has a lock.

These locks have a locking mechanism within the doorknob. Unfortunately, the knob can knock off the door with pliers, hammers, or the application of enough force, with the fact that these locks are pretty straightforward to pick almost irrelevant. You should never use a knob lock as the only lock on an exterior door. ​ 

Lever Handle Locks

Lever handle locks are usually used by a professional locksmith company in Green Cove Springs FL for inner doors in commercial places. They are a bit easier to open than knob locks as they have a sizable push-down style shaft instead of a knob to grasp and turn. 

Levers can frequently target torque attacks with excessive pressure applied to the handle to try and force the lock. Some levers are “clutch” levers to combat the attacks, meaning if you force them, they turn instead of applying pressure to the lock.

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