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Expert tips to make the perfect Murukku

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Murukku is a traditional snack known for its crispy, light, aromatic, and delicious. There are different variations of making Murukku using sago, besan, wheat flour, fried gram, rice batter, etc, all lend a special texture and taste. It is one of the very different with a scent of roasted urad flour and is crunchy as well as light in texture and can be made well ahead of time, a few days before any occasions or festivals. They are good to keep for about 2 to 3 weeks at room temperature if stored in airtight steel or glass jars.

Murukku is the all-time favourite snack for many occasions especially Diwali. These crunchy round snacks hold a ton of flavours and textures that can be eaten as a tummy-filling everyday snack. The classic butter murukku is still the most  South Indian favourite amongst everyone. These delicious spirals are prepared in many different ways and there are few tips to keep in mind to make a perfect and super soft and crispy Murukku. It is the most popular tea-time snack, the swirls of the snack bring a perfect shape for this savoury. 

Here are a few tips on how to make a crispy murukku.  

  1. We love the crunchiness of the Murukku, but to get the satisfying crumble which is neither too hard nor too soft it is important to use the correct add-ons for your dough to make it softer by keeping it warm by adding either be ghee, butter, or oil, but the fat must be added hot into the dough. 
  2. Adding ingredients like sesame seeds and ajwain seeds to the dough will bring in the rich flavour and texture of the Murukku making it crunchier as ajwain aids in digestion which is an added bonus. 
  3. In case the dough is too wet and sticky, wrap it in a clean kitchen towel or cheesecloth, or muslin and let it sit for 10 mins as it absorbs the extra moisture. 
  4. It is always important to fry the Murukku right away on medium-high heat and ensure it is evenly cooked for its desirable crunch, in order to avoid if it is over or undercooked by keeping it in low or high flame respectively. 

The tradition of relishing savouries with tea is followed virtually in all parts of India, but the snacks may differ from region to region and most of these snacks are homemade that are tasty and filling. One such popular south Indian snack is murukku, the most popular tea-time snacks that are prepared in Indian households that are too delicious to resist! 

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