How To Prevent Flooring Problems Prior To Installation

Prevent flooring problems before they occur by preparing the subfloor through flooring services Miami and addressing these top sources before installing new floors.

Flooring Services Miami

If you intend to prevent flooring problems, you’ll want to address any issues before installing your new floors through reliable flooring services Miami. Here are the top sources of problems that you will want your flooring professional to check into when you next replace your floors.

The Sub Floor Must Be Flat For Flooring Services Miami

A flat subfloor means that there are no dips or humps in the slab or subfloor. 

  • Suppose you have a plywood subfloor, and one of the plywood sheets is higher than the one next to it; you will be required to send the higher one down so that they are even on top.
  • And if you have some low spots in a concrete slab, you will need to use a leveling compound for the reliable flooring to even out the level of your slab. 
  • If you have a hump in your concrete slab, you will need to grind that down to the level of the rest of the slab. 

The whole place does not have to be “Level.” Most houses settle, and many slabs are not level. A gradual slope is standard. However, the area must be flat.

The Sub Floor Should Be Clean And Dry

Having a dry and clean subfloor is extremely basic. But you will be surprised at how many people bring home a floor and lay it out for installation. That too without even sweeping or vacuuming the surface where the professionals will install it during flooring services Miami. The result might be a crunching sound, like walking on gravel.  So make sure that the subfloor is completely clean and dry.

Use The Correct Subfloor

Different flooring products have additional subfloor requirements, and it’s best to check with the flooring manufacturer to confirm a suitable subfloor for your product. For example, you can install floating floors over a multitude of subfloors that are flat, dry, and structurally sound. (You can not establish a floating floor over carpet).

Adhesives And Sealers With Moisture Barriers

For engineered hardwood flooring glued to a concrete slab, you will either need to roll on a sealer or install the reliable flooring using an adhesive with a vapor barrier to stop moisture from the slab from reaching the wood. You would like to utilize only bonds recommended by the flooring manufacturer. 

Eliminate Or Reduce Squeaks

Some sub-floors are installed by builders who just utilized nails to fasten the plywood to the joists. When houses settle, the plywood and joists shift a bit. That’s when you can hear squeaking and creaking when you walk on the floor. That is caused by the plywood moving up and down on the nails. That’s why before you install flooring, screw the sub-floor down to stabilize the sub-floor and reduce or eliminate the noise. 

Be sure to address the issues before the installation of your new floor. Start with these sources of flooring problems. Regardless of the type of flooring, you’re interested in; we invite you to explore our flooring services at Miami Construction Brokers. We’ll be happy to discuss the type of floor prep your choices might require.


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