Important Ways to Protect Your Teen From Sexual Predators

Prevent sexual abuse in your children by following these crucial steps and teaching children skills to protect themselves and the importance of a sexual abuse attorney.

Sexual Abuse Attorney in Philadelphia

Unfortunately, the statistics on sexual abuse of teenagers and children continue to grow. It is the worst nightmare for everyone. In light of this danger, are there ways to keep your child safe? Of course, and the right time to do so is now. And if your child is already sexually abused, then immediately contact a professional sexual abuse attorney. Here are some tips for beginning a dialogue with your child to talk about how to protect them from sexual abuse. 

Plan to spend at least an uninterrupted hour with your teen to have an open conversation about the danger of sexual predators and what practical steps you can both take to prevent an assault.  

Alert And Aware Through Sexual Abuse Attorney

Be observant all the time, but especially when alone outside. When going or coming from school, or even the mall, be alert to what’s happening around you. If possible, avoid walking alone at night. Have a colleague walk you to your vehicle after work. Go to the gym or park with a workout buddy. Always stay in touch with a sexual abuse attorney in Philadelphia. Identify areas more prone to danger where your teen may find themselves alone and develop a safer option. 

A word of caution – It’s not just a “stranger-danger” anymore. The odds are incredibly high that your child will already know a potential predator – a teacher, coach, neighbor, or family friend. Never let your guard down.      

Use A Strong Voice

If you notice something, say something. Always have the courage to speak up for yourself or someone you think is in danger. Loud voice, tell a creepy stranger or a potential attacker, “Don’t touch me! Get away from me!” Call others around you to scare the attacker away. Speaking up tells the attacker that you are not a straightforward target.

But, what if you know the person? What if it is a family member or a girlfriend/ boyfriend? Again, speak up with precise, unwavering determination and then tell a parent or trusted adult what occurred. Specifically if you are not able to solve the issue yourself, consulting a sexual abuse attorney is a smart thought. 

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Explain to your child what mixed messages are and how to avoid sending them. Discuss why behaviors such as sexting, flirting or posting pictures online can be misunderstood. Help your child identify this kind of behavior and understand how to react appropriately. Make sure they know what improper reactions are and how to handle them.

Daily Communication

Providing clothing, food, toys, shelter, activities, etc., are all part of being a good parent. However, the most crucial thing to give them is your ultimate time. Please speak with your children every day and not stop the harmony when they try to shut you down or push you back. By doing so, you effectively let your precious teen know that you are always there to listen to whatever is of concern to them.

The emotional and physical agony that stems from sexual assault can be devastating and have a ripple effect on one’s life. If you or someone you know is molested or sexually assaulted, contact a sexual abuse attorney in Philadelphia for sexual assault and child molestation victims today.


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