What To Consider Before Pressure Washing Your Roof: Tips From The Pros

Are you considering pressure washing services Brookline for your roof? Here are a few things you need to consider before you start power washing your roof.

pressure washing services Brookline

Perhaps the first thing you might want to know about pressure washing services Brookline or soft washing your roof is that it’s more dangerous than it looks. If you’re going to try cleaning your roof as a DIY project, there are some important things that you need to know. Here is a thorough guide from the professionals to pressure washing the roof of your house.

Start On The Far End For Pressure Washing Services Brookline

You won’t like to spray yourself into a corner, so once you step off the ladder, walk to the other corner of the roof and work your back towards the ladder. This way, you won’t risk stepping on any wet shingles.

Inspect The Roof

Look out for any problem spots, areas that will require an extra thorough cleaning, loose shingles, and places that you need to repair. Do this step before you start cleaning. You want to know what you’re up to and mitigate any hazardous surprises that will considerably slow your job down.

Begin With Detergent

Start with a detergent to loosen up the moss and algae that may have developed on your shingles and mitigate any possible mold. The most efficient way to apply the detergent is with a bar of soap or a foamer shooter. The ultimate goal of residential pressure washing services Brookline is to loosen the algae so that it’s easier to clean, cling to the shingles, and remove the particles when sprayed off. Let the detergent sit for a while on the areas most affected by algae and grime. The key here is to use a lot of cleaners. The more cleaner you use, the less washing you will have to do.

Use A Lower Setting

Your shingles are a little more elegant than they look. At the highest settings, pressure washing services Brookline can punch a hole in the drywall. The effective way to find the right setting is to set it at LOWER power, then adjust it up and down until you find the proper flow.

Spray Down Not Up

When you find out how far a pressure washer might spray, you might wonder why you don’t just blast your roof from the ground and skip the ladder entirely. You always want to spray down, not up. That ensures that water doesn’t get trapped under the shingles and cause mold damage.

Move The Sprayer, Not The Power Setting

When a little more pressure is required, apply a more concentrated cleaner than adjust the pressure setting. Soft washing is the best way to get your roof clean without doing more damage than it prevents.

Check For Damages

When you stand straight up, you will not see the damages at your eye level. After spraying some shingles, sit down to get a look and ensure that you don’t have the pressure up too high. You want to keep checking as you go and generally only clean a few shingles at a time. Keeping your home looking good and maintaining your investment doesn’t have to consume all your free time. Why spend another weekend doing home improvement projects when you can call in the pros for residential pressure washing services Brookline? The team at Maxima Services has years of experience in the field and can offer you services tailored to your needs and requirements.


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