Why Doesn’t My Furnace Heat My Whole House?

When your whole home needs warming, but your furnace doesn't stay on long enough to heat it, your air conditioning and heating system require air duct cleaning service Aurora. Here are reasons why it isn't heating much!

Air Duct Cleaning Service Aurora

That is a question that a professional furnace company will hear all too often. They know many reasons why some rooms are colder than others in your home, and it is not always due to just a low-performing furnace. In addition to such reasons, you may need furnace service, air duct cleaning service Aurora, or replacement to keep your house adequately heated during the brutal Chicago winters

Poor Insulation For Air Duct Cleaning Service Aurora

If it’s not your furnace, poor insulation during air duct cleaning service Lakewood may be the potential cause for why few rooms are colder than others. If your house does not have sufficient insulation between the interior and exterior walls, frigid air passes through very quickly. Moreover, special insulation surrounding windows and doors is essential to ensuring that heat doesn’t pass through the cracks.

Zone Control

Another reason why it may feel that your furnace doesn’t heat the whole home is due to inaccurate zone control. Depending on the place of your furnace, the size of your house, and your ventilation mapping, your furnace might not be able to perform adequately. A zone control system might be the best solution in this case, which you can easily install during a furnace repair to support your current HVAC unit.

Wrong Furnace Size

Homeowners get a hard pill to swallow when they utilize inexperienced furnace companies. Professionals recommend different furnace sizes depending on the size of your house and the need to cope with the often-freezing winters. Other service providers may have installed furnaces that cannot adequately heat your entire home because they are too small. When you schedule air duct cleaning service Aurora, experts can determine what might be the best course of action in such a case so that you get a warmer home without breaking the bank.

Furnace Service And Repair

If your furnace doesn’t look to heat your entire home and some rooms are colder than others, it is most probably due to a lack of maintenance. Experts always recommend having your furnace serviced at least once every year. They replace dirty filters to maximize ventilation, clean ducts to dodge heat blockages, and check thermostat settings for improper wiring or heat sensor issues. If they encounter any of these issues during your service, professionals provide on-the-spot furnace repair so that your house gets back to optimal heating.

Furnace Replacement

A final reason you’re not getting adequate heat in every room of your home is that it might be time for an air duct cleaning service Lakewood to replace your furnace. Old furnaces do not run properly and can be a nuisance in chilly homes. Our experts at Action Air Duct install new HVAC systems and furnace replacements for our customers and ensure they are the right size and zone control for each specific home. A new furnace may be what your house needs to ensure that each room is heated correctly. Don’t wait until the winter weather gets even worse and leave you trapped in a freezing home! 


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